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Quote: The concept of travel is shaped by things with meaning and love.

Hi to everyone.
My name is Tori!

Tori Was Here is a daily updated blog about travel, inspirations, photographers, illustrators, food lovers and everyday moments from all over the world.

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How to spend a solo weekend trip to Venice, Italy

Life as a digital nomad has been awesome so far. It allowed me to spend a month beachside in Portugal, and now it has led me to a month-long country getaway in the Tuscan countryside! The first city I visited solo was to Venice and it was the city where I met the most people! Where to stay: When traveling solo the best thing to…

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An Ultimate Guide to the Algarve, Portugal

I recently took a month long trip to Portugal after quitting my corporate job (more on that later) to experience life on the road. The most asked question was, “Why Portugal?”. After reading the post below you will see why, but just to give you a quick rundown Portugal has so much to offer like stunning ocean views, wine, food, history and so much more….

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Christmas in New York

Christmas in New York: Things to do in NYC during the holidays Visit the first Macy’s store The original Macy’s is located in Herald Square on the corner of 14th street and 6th Avenue in 1858. Macy’s during the holidays is magical. Step inside the winter wonderland that takes place on the ceiling. This specific store has 11 floors. Yes… 11 floors! It is possible…

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The Ultimate Travel Playlist

Here is the ultimate playlist to get you through your next long flight or train travel! Long flights can be rough if you don’t know who you’ll be seated next to or how many babies will be crying all night. Music is a cure for many things. A playlist that can help put you to sleep or can also inspire your travels sure does come in handy!…

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