Welcome to Tori Was Here.

Holla! I’m Tori and I am from the heartland of the USA. Currently, I work a full-time job while pursuing my passion for travel. My goal is to become a full-time travel blogger!

So far I have traveled around the US & international while maintaining a full-time job. I am focused on female travel tips and budget travel to help others on their journey & to also help you to get out and explore this beautiful planet we call Earth!

I value our planet very much and have become an activist for our environment and animals. I hope to someday takes my travels and give back to people in need and also bring awareness.  So far, I have made changes in my life to help the environment and animals that are endangered. Steps that I have taken are purchasing goods online that give back to charities, and also fostering elephants in Africa to help save them.

  I love adventure and I love heights, so a lot of my activities involve awesome things you can do all over the world! I am an adrenaline junky at heart for sure, and I love the thrill. Every activity I do around the world is a depth review and prices in every blog post.