I spent my first time in the Big Apple in the summer of 2015 for about 48 hours or maybe less. I am the type of person where if I don’t have a lot of time in a certain place I want to see EVERYTHING. You just never know when you’re going to be back, you know? Luckily, I knew a couple people that had moved to the east coast after college and had already knew how to get around. So, one piece of advice I give anyone is to wear good shoes! I underestimated how much walking there is to do in New York when you want to see everything. I had blisters on my feet because I wore sandals.

Here is a play by play of how I saw in New York in 48 hours:

I landed in NYC in the evening and hopped into an Uber from the airport into the city with my friend who met me at the airport. The ride into the city was remarkable. For someone who hasn’t seen the New York City skyline before it is a cool feeling when you see it for the first time as you are driving. Anyways, my friend knew someone who lived on the Upper East Side, so that is where we stayed and went to first.

Rockefeller Center

Once settled in the super small apartment, I had the luxury of having locals show me around. Basically, we walked all around Midtown where you’ll walk by the New York Public Library, Jimmy Fallen show, Empire State Building (got to pay to go up), Macy’s store (largest one), Rockefeller Center, really old churches, and Radio City Music Hall. There is also 5th Avenue where you will see an H & M on every corner (literally) and of course Times Square. You can easily see all these things in a few hours like a did.

Central Park in New York

The next day in New York, head down to Lower Manhattan. Your whole day will consist of walking, subways, and taxis. First, I took a subway down to Lower Manhattan and when straight to the Brooklyn Bridge. Snap some awesome photos and head back down and take in the amazing architecture. After seeing the Brooklyn Bridge, we walked around the area and ended up in the Soho and Tribeca neighborhoods. We then hopped on the subway to the One World Trade Center. No words can describe this. It’s amazing being in busy and loud New York and then being in front of the memorial is very quiet. After the One World Trade Center, there is Battery Park and Wall Street. We then ended up in Little Italy which I love! Stop and have lunch there where you can enjoy adult beverages on a hot summer day on cute patios!

Brooklyn Bridge in New York

After being exhausted, we took a subway back up to Midtown and walked up to Central Park. We walked around and saw a huge Alice and Wonderland statue, a cute pond with sailboats, live bands, and bikers. It was very relaxing. We stopped by a restaurant to rest our feet and get something to drink. Warning: be prepared to spend at least $20 on one alcoholic drink. After Central Park, we walked back to the apartment on the Upper East Side and got ready. Since being with locals, I got to go out to local bars and meet new people. It was a blast and if you’re with a group, go out and enjoy the nightlife!

PRO TRAVEL TIP: Forgot to mention while in Lower Manhattan you can go see the Statue of Liberty. Tours can be expensive and found out you can see her for FREE. Hop on a ferry to New Jersey for FREE and you literally go right past the Statue of Liberty. Once in New Jersey you just get back on the ferry back to NYC. You also get to see an awesome view of the city for free on top of that!