There is so much you can do in Los Angeles in 3 days and you don’t have to break the bank in the process. I rented a car from Hertz (online deal with Southwest Airlines at the time) so I could go wherever I wanted on my own time. I hate being restricted! Here is what I did in the 3 days I was in the Los Angeles area.

Here is a play by play of my weekend in Los Angeles:

Day 1:

When I arrived at Hertz, they were having malfunctions in their system and I was very patient with the sales lady, and she ended up giving me a free upgrade to a brand new red mustang! Great way to start my trip, right? Once we were on the road we headed straight for downtown to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and walked around. After that, we drove to Beverly Hills and drove around there and saw a movie set, Rodeo Drive, and the Beverly Hills Hotel.

We also drove up into the Hollywood Hills which is where you will see the biggest houses you’ll ever see! We even drove around West Hollywood too. From there we drove to our Airbnb which was a penthouse in Malibu that had panoramic views of the ocean. We had the windows open every night and could hear the sound of the waves (insert heart eyes emoji here). Once settled in, we walked down the street to PCH and sat on the beach and watched the sunset.

Malibu Beach

Day 2:

Woke up bright and early and drove to Sherman Oaks and ate breakfast at Sweet Butter Kitchen, YUM, and drove around LA to Runyon Canyon to miss the LA Marathon traffic. That morning we hiked Runyon and it was almost impossible to find parking. We had to park down the hill and trek back up to hike. After our hike, we drove over to Venice Beach because it was near Runyon. We walked around here for a while and took in the LA lifestyle. After relaxing on the beach, we headed back to Malibu and ate dinner on the patio of our Airbnb to take in the views.

Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles

Day 3:

Wake up and hike Runyon Canyon. After a hike, we drove over to the Santa Monica Pier for a while. We walked up to the restaurant and even saw a school of dolphins playing around near the pier! We then spoiled ourselves and went and got a massage at Marina Massage in Marina Del Rey. They were amazing and that was my first massage. We then headed over to eat dinner at Dukes Malibu where we sat outside basically sitting on top of the ocean with floor to ceiling windows. Here there is only valet parking and it cost $5.

Malibu Beach

PRO TRAVEL TIP:  Renting a car for 3 days, in my opinion, is the best way to see LA and surrounding areas. You don’t have to count on buses or anything and have the freedom to do whatever you want to do.