Spending 48 hours in Washington DC is not easy because there is so much to see. I am sure you’re clicking here because you have booked a trip to Washington DC and you have no idea what to do or see in such a short amount of time.

Or you are intrigued and would love to visit this historical city and want to know a guide to things to do and how much things cost. You came to the right place and I am the master of fitting everything I want to see in a small amount of time. I spent 2 days in DC and George Town, and here is what I did.

Here is a play by play of my 2 days in Washington DC:

I made sure to visit DC in mid-April to see the cherry blossoms blooming. I have heard that this is a beautiful setting and is the best time to visit. When I landed in DC, I ran into this giant man on stilts dressed up as cherry blossom tree. I was confused by this but turned out the weekend I chose to visit was when the cherry blossom festival was going on (April 15-17th of 2016).

Day 1:

I flew into Washington National Airport and met up with my friend who lives on the East Coast, and already has a car they drove down with. I hopped in the car and we drove to Smithsonian Station and walked around and immediately saw cherry blossom trees which were so pretty! Now, the main thing I really wanted to do in DC visited the Holocaust Museum. I am so glad I did and I spent about 1 hour to 1.5 hours there.

When you visit the museum, it is very quiet, and you can watch never before seen footage of WWII. Objects include things like gas chamber doors, trains that were used, shoes (this was emotional to see), and small objects that were used in concentration camps. The video below has footage of the museum to get a better idea.

Washington Memorial in Washington DC

After visiting the museum, we continued walking the National Mall. The National Wall is a route where you can see everything like the White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial, and much more. After we were done walking the National Mall, my foot was starting to hurt and ate dinner at Blackfinn Ameripub. This place was very good and just what you’ll need after a long day a walking. So, make sure to bring good shoes! We then drove 18 miles outside of DC and stayed with a friend.

White House in Washington DC

Day 2:

We headed over to Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center which is an Air and Space Museum in Chantilly, VA. Here you will see old planes, self-bombers, spaceship, and much more! This museum was pretty cool, and there is even an observation deck you take an elevator up and get to hear the airports radio and see planes fly in. It didn’t cost to get into the museum, but you do have to pay $20 for parking which is outrageous. We then drove back to DC and visited the United States Capitol and went on a tour which is free. You have to watch a video in this giant room before heading on with your tour guide and it was actually really interesting and footage that I have never seen before about our nation.

After our tour, we took the underground passageway to the Library of Congress. This is located in the restrooms where you end your tour. There will be a sign for it. If you can’t find it just ask your guide. The part in National Treasure where they’re in the library you actually can’t go in. If you head upstairs there is a door with security by it, and you can view that part of the library from above behind a glass wall. We asked how you can go in there, and you have to ask these people at a desk and you have to be researching something or writing a paper and yet they’re approval to get in.

Space Museum in Washington DC

Leaving the library, we took a left and walked down the street to see the Supreme Court. Hop in an Uber to go to the National Archives Building where the Bill of Rights and Constitution are. You don’t have to pay to get in back there will be a long time, and security check before entering. There will be signs on the wall telling you where the Constitution is located in the building and it was on the top floor.

Once you get there you are held in this line in a dark room. You are not allowed to take photos here. This is because they are preserving all the old documents. After this, we walked to the Freedom Plaza where the Martin Luther King memorial is and it is on this beautiful pond overlooking the Lincoln Memorial.

We then drove 15 miles to George Town to meet with another friend from college who showed us around. We ate at the historical Martins Tavern and you will defiantly need a reservation for this. It is the restaurant where JFK proposed to Jackie and each booth in the restaurant has a sign above it of historic events that have occurred where you’re sitting. So cool!

Also, the restaurant is not expensive at all if you think it would be. It was pretty reasonable. We walked around George Town and looked at all the name brand stores in old classic buildings, and very colorful. Then we walked around George Town University and it looks like Hogwarts. It is really cool to see the dates of all the buildings too. Makes you appreciate the history. Headed back to DC later that night.


PRO TRAVEL TIP: Make sure to buy your ticket to the Holocaust Museum before your visit. When we got there, there were no more tickets for the day. BUT, if you donate $20 to the museum they will let you in. If you do this like I did, they will spam you with so much mail!