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While visiting my best friend in Mississippi, we decided to take a day trip to New Orleans since we’ve never been before. It is pretty easy to walk around downtown New Orleans and see a lot and even historic sites like St. Louis Cathedral. Here is what you can do in New Orleans for a day trip.

Here is a play by play of how I spent my day trip in New Orleans:

We drove my best friend’s car into New Orleans and found a parking lot right away to park our car. It was a lot in the shopping district and it cost us $5 to park our car there all day which isn’t bad at all. We started walking around the shopping district until we ran into this cute restaurant called Café Du Monde. They had their old floor to ceiling windows open (birds will join you for lunch here) so bird haters beware.

After our lunch, the St. Louis Cathedral was right outside the restaurant and took a few pictures. The church is so much more beautiful in person. After that, we walked around the local shops and watched some street performers. We bought souvenirs at these local shops. If you run into the shop with all the chandeliers go in there! The old guy who owns it is strict on a no camera policy, but definitely, check it out.

St. Louis Cathedral

That was our little day trip to New Orleans, and we went at the beginning of May where it wasn’t too hot which to me is the perfect time to visit this city. Make sure to try alligator in New Orleans and if you have time drive up to the Oak Alley Plantation.