I recently booked a 3-day solo Iceland stopover with Iceland Air on my way to Norway. When booking with Iceland Air you basically get a free stopover in Iceland for however many days you want. I chose to spend a totally of 3 days, but wish I would have stayed for more time! Iceland is one of those countries that you didn’t know existed and can’t believe exists. It was beautiful and amazing! The second you get off the plane in Iceland, you take this deep breath and you just take in the clean air. No words can describe this magical place.

With my stopover, I rented a car from Lotus Car Rental. Obviously, you read how you MUST rent a car in Iceland to see everything and because it is cheaper. Well, everyone was right. When doing my research on car rentals I found that there are A TON of car rental companies to choose from! I chose Lotus because ultimately, they were cheaper, had more 5-star reviews, had a credible website, great customer service, and they are located right by the airport.

When arriving at Keflavik Airport, they shuttle to the car rental companies are right outside where you see a lot of buses. If you choose Lotus, they are the second stop on the shuttle. But if don’t chose Lotus, it is easy to find your rental building by just looking around. Once you get your rental, you are sent off on your road trip to Iceland. Now here is my itinerary to give you an idea of what you can do!

Here is a play by play of things I did in Iceland:

Day 1: South and Southeast coast

I combined the South and Southeast coast because I arrived in Iceland at 6 a.m. and had ALL day. Why waste a day? Especially since in the Summer in Iceland, the days are longer (midnight sun). I also stopped in Reykjavik to go to a grocery store for food, but since I arrived so early the stores don’t open until 10 in the morning. So, I stopped at gas stations to eat.

KEF – Reykjavik – Seljalandsfoss – Skogafoss – Black Sand Beach – Dropped off bags at hotel (Hörgsland Guesthouse) – Glacier Lagoon (Jokulsarlon) – Crystal Beach (Across from Glacier Lagoon)

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Day 2: South Coast and Golden Circle

The second day of my trip happened to land on my 25th birthday. And I chose to see a couple more locations on the South coast and headed up to the Golden Circle. Below I listed out the locations I visited on my second day.

Hörgsland Guesthouse (my hotel) – Fjadrargljufur – Vik (Dyrholaey) – Gullfoss – Geysir – Pingvellir – Reykjavik (Galaxy Pod Hostel)

The drive into Vik was BEAUTIFUL and I stopped on the side of the rode 3 times to take pictures before heading up to Dyrholaey. I stayed in the Galaxy Pod Hostel and the staff was nice! I made sure to get there before 11 p.m. because that’s when the reception left and I am glad I did. If I showed up after 11 P.M I wouldn’t have found my room and pod and the code to get into the building after hours. So I recommend if you stay here, get there before 11 p.m. and then go back out.

Fjadrargljufur in Iceland

Day 3: Reykjavik and Blue Lagoon

On the third day, you might be a little exhausted. I defiantly was because I was trying to see everything in a short amount of time! So, the last day I was there (my flight was at 1 in the morning) you just want to take it easy. I spent my last day in the Capitol of Reykjavik. I explored the town and shops and took a spontaneous whale watching tour with Special Tours. First off, expect to pay $105 for a whale watching tour with them, and I only saw 1 humpback whale. But you get a killer view of Iceland. Gotta look at the positive!

To end my day, I stopped at the Blue Lagoon (because you have to when in Iceland) before my late flight. I visited the Blue Lagoon at 8 p.m. so I could miss the large crowds. At 8 p.m. there were still a good amount of people, but it could have been worse. When you’re there by yourself it is weird. After 45 minutes, I was ready to go but met another girl from New York as I was about to leave. I stayed at the Blue Lagoon for about 2 hours, dropped off my rental, and Lotus was kind enough to drop me off at the airport to catch my flight to Oslo, Norway.

Whale Watching in Iceland

PRO TRAVEL TIP: A lot of car rental companies has more manual cars than automatics. If you can only drive automatic cars, then book your rental car 6 months in advance! I had no issues when booking very early!