Oslo Opera House Norway

Norway in a Nutshell is a grand tour of Norway that you can see in one day or more. It is designed for travelers who don’t have much time in Norway but wants to see as much as they can. On my recent trip to Europe, I chose to visit Norway after spending 3 days in Iceland. I was only in Norway for 2 days though, and me being the master of seeing things in a short amount of time, I came across this tour. Here’s Everything you need to know about Norway In A Nutshell Tour.

Here is a play by play of things I did in Norway:

Day 1: Oslo

I arrived in Oslo at 6 in the morning, and boy was I tired! To show how much I was tired, I had forgotten to grab my backpack when getting off the train in Oslo from the airport! Can you say PANIC?! Well, I did for about 5 seconds, and realized I had to stay calm to get my backpack back that contained my wallet, chargers, camera, GoPro’s, and my tickets for my Norway in a Nutshell tour! Long story short, I found employees that worked at the Central Station, and they made a phone call. They told me what gate and time the train would be coming back and to play the waiting game… literally. BUT! They found my backpack and all was right again!

I stayed at an Airbnb right by the Central Station. I got VERY lucky with my Airbnb because it was so close to the train station, and I had to be there at 6 in the morning for my tour the next day. The host was so nice and walked me to the Airbnb with me to make sure I got in okay. I took a nap after my long flight and went out to explore Oslo when I woke up. The town was very hip and I mainly walked around the Opera House which was pretty cool!

Oslo Opera House Norway

Day 2: Norway in a nutshell tour

I bought my tickets 3 months in advance online and paid an extra fee to have them sent to my apartment, so I had my tickets ready go. For starters, if you have luggage and you are worried about having to carry your luggage from train to train and to the ferry, and a bus then you have options. I had a backpack and big suitcase that I do not want to carry around.

I did some research and I used Port Service AS. They pick up your luggage at your hotel or Airbnb and they take it to either Bergen or Oslo for you for $30USD. When picking up at an Airbnb, you have to wait at the door at a certain time in which they tell you in the confirmation email. They showed up right at 5:45 AM and walked right to the train station at 6 AM for my first train!

I did the Oslo to Bergen route in one day without stopping or overnights. You leave at 6:15 in the morning and arrive in Bergen at about 8 PM. This time is the BEST option. This is the earliest time slot and because I was so close to train station, this early time was okay for me. But, the trains were empty at this time! The other time slot was at 8 AM which is usually the busiest because people don’t want to wake up!

The first train is the longest and it takes you to Mydral, and the scenery doesn’t get good until the last hour, so enjoy a nap for you early risers! When arriving in Mydral, you hop on another train to Flam which is an amazing route with beautiful waterfalls. This will be the most scenic train ride you will EVER SEE!

After seeing the little town of Flam, you then walk over to the boat to go through the fjords. When exiting off the train, follow the crowd where there are tiny houses, which are gift shops. You will see the boats parked, so don’t worry you can’t miss them!

The boat ride through the fjords was breathtaking. I chose to use the more expensive boat because it is eco-friendly. This fjord cruise takes place on Aurlandsfjord and Naeroyfjord. The boat was very big and even had a snack bar that you can use credit cards on. I can even count how many waterfalls I saw because of there so many! The captain of the boat will also stop in front of certain waterfalls that are the largest.

After the boat ride through the fjord is over, walk over to the billion busses to start your bus ride. In the Summer months, they drive you down Stalheimskleiva (May-September). Stalheimskleiva is also named “hair pen bends” and is Northern Europe’s steepest roads and also have beautiful views! You can visit Norway in a Nutshell’s website here.

The bus then drops you off at the Voss train station. This takes you to Bergen where you get to experience the scenic Bergen Railway. Once off the train in Bergen, I chose to stay at a hotel that is close to the train station. It is also close to a bus station that takes you to the airport. The hotel was literally footsteps away when exiting my train! Remember, the Bergen airport is 30 minutes away from the city centre.

Kjosfossen Waterfall

PRO TRAVEL TIP: The website of where all the bus locations are to get to the airport from Bergen can be viewed here. I used the BERGEN BUSSTASJON, PERRONG N bus stop to get to the Bergen Airport. You can buy a $10 bus ticket here so you have your ticket ready to show the bus driver – who just scans your ticket.