Switzerland is full of tons of things to do! But most importantly, if you like adrenaline then this place will not disappoint you! But if you’re not into that type of thing, then there are still awesome adventures in this country that are just as cool! I spent 3 days in Switzerland, and when I arrived, I had caught their bad weather! So, in this blog post, I list things to do in Switzerland in bad weather conditions AND great weather conditions. Keep reading my awesome itinerary to see Switzerland in 3 days!

Here is a play by play of things I did in Switzerland:

Day 1: Zurich

I landed in Switzerland on day 1 at about 7 p.m. and I didn’t have much time to spend in this beautiful town. What I decided to do was Couch Surf and it was my first time on the platform. It was one of those things where I had a profile for a couple years but never used it. While I sat at the airport in Bergen, Norway, I searched the app and found these 2 guys that had A TON of references from solo female travelers! I chose to Couch Surf because I had so little time in the city, and these guys showed me the town! We had drinks, hung out with locals, and showed me around Zurich. These trips are meant to do things out of your comfort zone, but also be cautious! I had no problems Couch Surfing and even had my own room!

Day 2: Interlaken

I woke up early in the morning and walked to the Zurich Main Station. I found the SBB CFF FFSM booth where you can purchase train tickets and travel passes within Switzerland. I recommend buying a travel pass because you will take trains EVERYWHERE if you’re not renting a car. You can purchase a travel pass for 3 or 4 days which is cheaper. And if you’re under 26 years old it is also cheaper. So, remember to tell the counter your age!

My hotel was actually in Wilderswil which is a 5-minute train right up to the mountain from Interlaken. I chose this hotel outside of Interlaken because it was cheaper, and the view was AMAZING! The view of the Swiss Alps right outside my balcony, horses, and beautiful flowers! What I wanted to do in my first full day is go ziplining and do that awesome mountain coaster. But when the weather is bad you can’t do most of those activities. What you can do is use your travel pass to its advantage and hop on the scenic train up the mountains and take in the views! Or you can explore some caves or go to Interlaken for shopping or museums. Ask your hotel for discounts too!

Wilderswil Switzerland

Day 3: Lauterbrunnen

I could not wait to get to Lauterbrunnen which was only a 20-minute train ride up the mountain from Wilderswil. When I arrived, the weather was still bad and it was rainy. But the second you get off at the train station you see that famous waterfall on that main street. Just like the pictures and even just as amazing! The first thing I did was drop off my luggage in my hostel (this hostel was only $35 with a VIEW!). The second I arrived, I met one of my roomies who turned out to be a new lifelong friend. We clicked instantly, and we both spent the day together and took a couple hikes since it was gloomy and couldn’t do any fun stuff. You can hike up the waterfall and even take a stroll down the valley where you can see base jumpers and more!

My last day in Switzerland turned out to be sunny and 75 degrees (of course). I and my new friend saw it was going to be nice on our last day, so we decided to go paragliding since we missed out the last couple of days. We had late flights, so it was perfect! So, we spent our last morning in Switzerland paragliding over the Swiss Alps with Airtime Paragliding. Very much recommend them as they were very nice and helpful! I will definitely be back!!

Paragliding in Switzerland

PRO TRAVEL TIP: I recommend anyone to buy a Swiss Travel Pass to travel within Switzerland if you are not renting a car. You can purchase travel passes here.