A weekend getaway in Seattle and the San Juan Islands is just what I needed, and what a weekend it was! Who knew Seattle was so beautiful?! And the views are UNREAL. I chose to do a weekend getaway in Seattle because I wanted to do one specific activity which was a kayaking tour with the possibility of seeing Orca whales! This was on Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands, but I also spent a whole day exploring downtown Seattle. Keep reading to what you can do while in Seattle!

Here is a play by play of things I did in Seattle:

Day 1: San Juan Islands

Firsts things first, you will have to rent a car if you are wanting to get to the San Juan Islands from Seattle. You have to hop on a ferry to get to the islands and the ferry terminal is located at the Anacortes ferry terminal which is 1.5 hours from Seattle (depending on traffic it can take 2-3 hours). There are other options to get there besides renting a car: train (last stop is 30 minutes south of the terminal), shuttle (last shuttle leaves at 7 pm at Anacortes and is expensive), or Sea Plane (REALLY expensive to do, but YOLO?). Rental cars are inexpensive in Seattle, and after doing the math is cheaper than the other options.

The kayaking tour I chose (Sea Quest Expeditions) was based on Friday Harbor, and my tour was the Sunset Tour which started at 4:45 pm. I spent most of the day eating at the local restaurants and hopping on a trolley to get a tour of the island! Who knew that Friday Harbor had camels, alpaca’s, views of Canada, lavender fields (insta worthy), a SpongeBob house, wine vineyards, and really pretty lakes that Madonna will party on with her million yacht!

The kayaking tour was amazing! We were basically kayaking in Canada’s oceans (my phone texted me, “Welcome to Canada” LOL) and my tour guide was awesome and she was from Hawaii. She was very knowledgeable about the wildlife and gave us pretty cool facts about each animal we saw. On the kayaking tour, I saw bald eagles, seals, and little whales that I cannot remember the name of! So, we didn’t see Orcas because the resident Orcas feed off of salmon and there isn’t much salmon left. The Orcas all summer have been swimming further away to try and find food, and are endangered! The whales we did see came right towards the end of the tour and swam right by our kayak! It was amazing and I got it all on video (scroll up).

Day 2: Seattle

Below is a list of things to do around Seattle.

For Seattle Skyline views:

  • Kerry Park Hamilton
  • ViewPoint

Things to do around town:

  • Pike Place Market
  • Orginal Starbucks (located in Pike Place Market)
  • Fremont Troll
  • Orginal Up House
  • Starbucks Reserve & Roastery in Capitol Hill
  • Stick gum on the Gum Wall (located in Pike Place Market)
  • Take a ride on the Great Wheel
  • Space Needle Observation Deck


I heard from random people and reviews online that the place to eat is at The Pink Door. I had to know what the hype was about, so I made a reservation. Boy, that place was GOOD! I even got some entertainment during my dinner! Check out their site! We also ate lunch in the local cafes in Pike Place Market.

There are more options if you are in Seattle for a longer stay:

  • Smith Tower Observation Deck
  • Go up higher on the Columbia Tower
  • Seattle’s famous Public Library
  • Jose Rizal Park at night
  • Tour the Theo’s Chocolate Factory for some free chocolate
  • Woodland Park Zoo
  • Seattle Aquarium
  • Japanese Garden
  • And there are a ton of museums and parks

PRO TRAVEL TIP: The website of where all the ferry locations, times, and reservations can be viewed here.